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I am so sorry!

I have had so much going on lately and have been waiting for participants...I will leave this challenge open for one more week and then I shall close it.

I am sorry it has taken this long...I will get back to this community like I used too.
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Reminder; Challenge #38 {And Apology with reason}

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Hi, I'm sorry for taking so long with this community, my nan is in hospital, I have three jobs and I just don;t have much time to myself these days but I promise I am not going to let his community die.

We need more participants. If anyone wants to promote this community then please do, we need all the participants and voters :)

I will post up the voting when we have recieved more entries. The banner will direct you to the challenge post. :D
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Reminder; Challenge #38

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I know this reminder is late, but because of having a new job, which takes me to three jobs, I have been lost for time. I'm sorry T_T but I will not give up on this community.

We have 5 beautiful entries for this challenge. Click the banner to be directed to the challenge post. I know I can expect some amazing work from everyone, so make me proud to be the mod here :D
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Voting; Challenge #37

☆ When voting, please use the form below to make things easier.
☆ If you have any questions feel free to ask.
☆ All comments are screened.
Please try to vote for a different icon in each catagory.
You have 48 hours to vote.
Please vote using the voting form below or your vote will not count!!!

☆ Good luck everyone and thankyou to all who entered ♥

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Expect to see the next challenge up later :)
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Reminder #3; Challenge #37

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Because of complications and such, the challenge will be open for another week. I would post up the voting next Wedesday but I will not be active so the voting will be posted up on Thursday 31st March instead.

If anyone would like to promote this community to boost up the voters/participants when please do so. I am sorry for the lack of activeness with this comm but things keep happeneing at the moment for me. I will make it all up to you all.

Click the banner to be directed to the challenge post.