Katie-Ann ♥ (itsuzai) wrote in ayu_ic,
Katie-Ann ♥

My dearest apologises

My dearest apologises. I have been so distracted lately with work, moving house, dealing with issues and trying to have a normal[ish] life that I have forgotten about this comm. I love this comm and I have wrked too hard on this one to watch it die AND THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN >_<

Okay, firstly; the "current" challenge will be cancelled. I apologise to those who entered. Since I haven't been here for so long I think it would be kind of pointless to waste time with this one. So a new challenge will begin which will be FREE-THEMED

Secondly, I am hoping that some people will help promote this comm to get members back or new members to participate or vote. I am in need of banner makers and I will make some banners to use as promotions. If you are interested in becoming a banner maker please PM me or comment to this post. You not have to show me how experienced you are, as long as you are a graphics maker you can apply. If you are already one please let me know if you want to stay as one or you want to be taken from my list. I need to know these things.

I am not going to let his comm die. I refuse to let that happen.

The next challenge will be up shortly, the rules will still apply but they shall change slightly. ♥
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