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Challenge #39

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It is a sad time for Ayu-chan at the moment as her pet dog CREA died T_T so this challenge is for the happier times in Ayu-chan's career. You can use any image you wish as long as she is happy. She can be smiling, giggling, as long as it shows she is happy. She can be in a Music video, performance, photoshoot etc...but she must be happy. We do not like Ayu-chan to be sad.

☆ Anyone can enter.
☆ You have to be a member to participate.
Limit stands at FIVE icons per participant.
☆ Stick to the theme.
☆ Icon must fit LJ requirements 100x100, lesser than 40kb, type: .jpg .png .gif.
☆ No animation allowed but brushes, text, blending etc are allowed.
☆ When submitting your icons, comment to this post with the image and URL.
☆ You are not allowed to show anyone your icons until the results are up.
☆ All comments are screened.
You have until Friday 29th July 7PM GMT to submit your icons.
☆ If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

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