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Anyone there?

Has it really been almost a year since I last posted anything? My apologies.

I need to know who is still here, if I get no responses then I'm going to close down the comm. It is a huge shame but these things happen.
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My dearest apologises

My dearest apologises. I have been so distracted lately with work, moving house, dealing with issues and trying to have a normal[ish] life that I have forgotten about this comm. I love this comm and I have wrked too hard on this one to watch it die AND THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN >_<

Okay, firstly; the "current" challenge will be cancelled. I apologise to those who entered. Since I haven't been here for so long I think it would be kind of pointless to waste time with this one. So a new challenge will begin which will be FREE-THEMED

Secondly, I am hoping that some people will help promote this comm to get members back or new members to participate or vote. I am in need of banner makers and I will make some banners to use as promotions. If you are interested in becoming a banner maker please PM me or comment to this post. You not have to show me how experienced you are, as long as you are a graphics maker you can apply. If you are already one please let me know if you want to stay as one or you want to be taken from my list. I need to know these things.

I am not going to let his comm die. I refuse to let that happen.

The next challenge will be up shortly, the rules will still apply but they shall change slightly. ♥
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Voting; Challenge #38

As I promised, the voting for Challenge #38 is here! I will start on the next challenge which shall be up either later on today or sometime tomorrow. I have more free time now so this community will be more active :) I promise ♥

☆ When voting, please use the form below to make things easier.
☆ If you have any questions feel free to ask.
☆ All comments are screened.
Please try to vote for a different icon in each catagory.
You have 48 hours to vote.
Please vote using the voting form below or your vote will not count!!!

☆ Good luck everyone and thankyou to all who entered ♥

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Back for good...

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I am back! I do apologise for the absense. I have moved house in the last month and work has been manic but I am happy to say that I am back and so will this community be :)

I will keep the latest challenge open until Wednesday 13th July 6PM, I will then close the challenge with how ever many entries we have whether it's still the 12 we have at the moment or whether we get more.

Either way I will post up the voting by Wednesday, so what ever icons you have and wish to enter, you have until Wednesday at 6PM to enter them in.

Click the banner to be directed to the challenge post
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I am so sorry!

I have had so much going on lately and have been waiting for participants...I will leave this challenge open for one more week and then I shall close it.

I am sorry it has taken this long...I will get back to this community like I used too.
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Reminder; Challenge #38 {And Apology with reason}

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Hi, I'm sorry for taking so long with this community, my nan is in hospital, I have three jobs and I just don;t have much time to myself these days but I promise I am not going to let his community die.

We need more participants. If anyone wants to promote this community then please do, we need all the participants and voters :)

I will post up the voting when we have recieved more entries. The banner will direct you to the challenge post. :D
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Reminder; Challenge #38

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I know this reminder is late, but because of having a new job, which takes me to three jobs, I have been lost for time. I'm sorry T_T but I will not give up on this community.

We have 5 beautiful entries for this challenge. Click the banner to be directed to the challenge post. I know I can expect some amazing work from everyone, so make me proud to be the mod here :D